About Me

I’m a 22 year old millennial. Yes, a 22 year old millennial.

I refuse to be static any longer. I refuse to see others living my dreams as another year, another month, another day—even another second—passes by while I do what I’m told I should.

What are my qualifications?

I could tell you about my educational background, my receipt of over $5 million dollars in scholarships from some of the top universities and colleges in America. I could tell you about the countless books and courses I’ve absorbed on personal fulfillment, self-help, productivity, self-care, goal setting and attainment, etc, etc, etc. I could tell you about how I am a brand ambassador for en*theos, a company that helps members optimize their lives.

Qualified? By whose standards? Mines, yes.

I am just like you. I have dreams and a vision of a better world for myself and others. I believe, I know, I feel, that there must be something more, something better. Like you, I know that being ‘ready’ is a matter of stepping out on faith, taking action after action, and going after your dreams like your life depends on it.

It does.

I am just like you. I read books. I drink skinny vanilla lattes. I workout. I train. I run. I write. I create. I dare. I dream. I live. I love. I’m dedicating my life to awakening others to the fact that there is more. You can be more, and I will help you get there.

You are asking who I am. The real question is who are you.